A Day of Diving Aboard Putiraja Liveaboard

Putiraja Diving Liveaboard mooring in Raja Ampat Cove A typical day on Putiraja Liveaboard starts at 6:00 am with sunrise snacks and refreshments. A selection of freshly brewed Indonesian coffee & tea, hot cocoa, and milk are available to enjoy over fresh fruits, cereal, and toast & jams. Sip in your warm drink while taking in the fresh dewy smell of the morning. A bell at 7:15 am will inform you that it's time to gear up for the upcoming dive. You will be briefed about the site at the Scuba Area. We then board the dinghies to take a short ride to the dive site.

To ensure that you experience a personalized service, Putiraja provides one guide to a small group of up to four divers. Along with our crew, your guide will take care of loading/ unloading your gear as well as washing, stowing, and replacing with a fresh tank.

Immediately after you surface from your dive, there will be drinking water ready on the dinghy. You can quickly wash yourself with warm fresh water under shower heads in the Scuba Area when you return to the liveaboard. Drop off any underwater camera gear in the camera tank.

Scuba dinghy heading to dive site A full breakfast of delicious omelette or nasi goreng with breakfast beverages will be ready for you on the Main Deck. It's time to load up on some protein and compare notes with other divers of what you have seen so far. There will be many laughters and awe. Sneak in a lazy sunbathing moment on the Upper Deck. Or perhaps get your camera gear ready in the Camera Area. Meanwhile, Putiraja cruises onto the next site. When the wind is in the right direction, we set the seven sails. You will be surrounded by a dazzling beauty of Raja Ampat.

You will be called to get ready for the next dive with a bell at around 10:45 am. We gather at the Scuba Area for briefing and then off we go again.

Lunch follows around 12:30 pm. A hearty Indonesian and/or Western dishes full of fresh vegetables and protein will be served with plenty of cold drinks. When possible, we will serve you lunch on a nearby beach. Enjoy your meal with more chance to socialize with everyone. Flip through our marine books to see what you spotted earlier. Putiraja cruises on.

Around 2:15 pm you will hear another bell calling you to gear up for the third dive of the day. You will be briefed and then your guide will lead you through another exciting dive site.

Cruising Raja Ampat's blue water A variety of fruits & snacks over fresh juice, coffee & tea makes up the late afternoon refreshments following your dive. As the sun falls closer towards the horizon, you may see fishermen crafts heading back towards the shore. The temperature cools and a warm orange hue sets in, perhaps creating the perfect stage for a beautiful sunset picture. We wait for dusk and then head off for night diving around 6:00 pm.

You'll return to a mouthwatering Indonesian and/or Western dinner. On certain nights we will do some grilling. Cold beverages are available to wash it all down. One of our guides will casually go over the next day's diving itinerary at the end of your meal. Enjoy a tasty dessert while sharing laughters with your new friends on the Main Deck. Or be contemplative in the night breeze on the liveaboard's Upper Deck under the Milky Way. Take a little bit more in of the wonder of Raja Ampat before you retire to your comfortable cabins.

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